About us

The Pibroch Network curates a network of digital resources devoted to the learning, teaching, performance and wider public appreciation of pibroch: the single malt of Scottish music.

Musical Materials - this site makes it easier for people to conduct meaningful and impactful research into pibroch. We make the raw source materials for 313 pibrochs (843 settings) and 367 Gaelic titles accessible. Our collection is systematic and complete, containing all the musical evidence up to 1854. Since 1746, when pibroch was the most prestigious form of music in Gaelic Scotland, the repertoire in circulation has become narrower, shallower, and more rigid. This resource facilitates the discovery of hidden treasures, enabling competing pipers to stand out from the crowd and all musicians to explore one of Scotland's richest cultural inheritances.Learning Living Pibroch - these 'Community pages' complement the 'Curated pages' of Musical Materials. This site serves to stimulate deeper understanding of and broader engagement with the primary source materials. We moderate collegial discussions where you find yourself sitting at a table with people who have completely different perspectives, experience, and levels of expertise. Topics include interpretation, composition, and strategic thinking regarding how to develop pibroch's infrastructure. This is a haven for innovative research that breaks down silos, identifies trenchant problems, and works collaboratively towards solutions that are strong and courageous.
Bibliography - this updates Roderick Cannon's 1980 research, which identifies and locates all the music printed for each type of bagpipe played in the British Isles. It distinguishes the various editions of each book, ascertains dates and authorship, and gathers background information which may be of interest to players or music historians.Modern Pibroch Library - these six compositions showcase contemporary and experimental pibroch. They are the winners of a 2018 competition run by David Hester, the co-founder and original publisher of this network of resources.

Known as The Alt Pibroch Club since May 2013, this suite of websites began as a collaboration between David Hester, our first publisher, and Barnaby Brown, our current publisher. The network stood still for two years following David Hester’s untimely death in 2019. Thanks to a grant from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, encouragement from the Piobaireachd Society, and the creative energy of a small start-up team, a rejuvenation process began in September 2021.