Roderick D Cannon's A Bibliography of bagpipe music

The late Dr Roderick D Cannon’s A Bibliography of Bagpipe Music (first published by John Donald Press in 1980) is a classic bibliographical reference guide to all printed collections of Scottish (and related) bagpipe music known at the time, which David Hester digitised for online access on our predecessor website,

The late Geoff Hore, New Zealand gold medalist, took over responsibility to maintain the bibliography, updating individual entries, extending the research, and adding new entries as they appeared, prior to his own passing in 2015. 

Technical and logistical issues have prevented the Pibroch Network team from incorporating the online edition of Cannon’s and Hore’s work artfully into the current website – this will be the subject of a later phase of our site’s development. There are still usability issues with the Bibliography – you may need to have Cannon’s book to hand.

However, in the interest of providing access in the meantime, you can explore the Altpibroch-era online edition of Cannon’s monumental A Bibliography of Bagpipe Music by clicking on the following link via the Way Back Machine: