1826 – Donald MacDonald, Jr. (Dj)

The original manuscript was borrowed and copied in about 1914, then returned to its owner but has not been traced since. It was  Inscribed “Donald McDonald Piper 72nd Regiment of Highlanders March 16th 1826”. The extant copies are not in a single volume, but are distributed through the relevant folders of the Kilberry papers:

NLS mss 22098-22117. Deposited by the Piobaireachd Society, 1983.

Because the original is missing, it is not possible to check the copies against the original settings. Each tune has a page reference and it appears that the copy is complete.

Introductory Notes by Roderick Cannon

Alphabetical (source titles and spellings)

A Bhratach Bhaan Dj.4, PS 209
Battle of Millroy, The Dj.10, PS 32
Battle of Sherrif Muir, The Dj.8, PS 229
Big Drunkard, The Dj.40, PS 230
Brather a’n amhildaich Dj.2, PS 182
Caid’n Dudh thanic Dhu Dj.18, PS 243
Children’s Lament, The Dj.35, PS 239
Chisholm Dj.15, PS 65
Clan Ronald’s March to Edinburgh Dj.5, PS 203
Colin a Ruun Dj.3, PS 201
Coolin Dj.17, PS 242
Cumh Alister Yeerich Dj.12, PS 100
Cumh con Mhic aoidh Dj.37, PS 39
Cumh Eoin Ghairbh Mhic Ghille Challum Rarsey Dj.1, PS 207
Cumh na Coshag Dj.7, PS 210
Cumadh Chraobh na’n’Cheud DJ.30, PS 135
Donald Bain MacCruimen’s Lament Dj.20, PS 220
Failte Lady Margeret Dj.33, PS 196
Failte na Leodich Dj.32, PS 231
Finlay’s Lament Dj.36, PS 228
ha a Fer ick oll Dj.14, PS 241
Little Drunkard, The Dj.39, PS 178
Mac Queen á Royag Dj.29, PS 155
MacDonald’s Gathering Dj.24, PS 164
MacDonald’s Salute Dj.28, PS 111
MacIntosh’s Lament Dj.34, PS 200
MacNiels of Barraws March Dj.26, PS 8
March i Dubh Lord Bradalbane Dj.11, PS 74
Massacre of Glencoe Dj.38, PS 88
Menzies Salute Dj.23, PS 218
My King has Landed in M. Dj.19, PS 115
O’Kelly’s Lament Dj.6, PS 222
Porst na Ludag Dj.9, PS 240
Riban Gorum Dj.16, PS 107
Subieskie Dj.13, PS 99
Sutherland’s Gathering Dj.25, PS 72
Sutherland’s March Dj.27, PS 81
Tulichard Dj.31, PS 232
Union, The Dj.21, PS 234
Unlawfull Quarter Dj.22, PS 3

Numerical (by number and page)

Dj.1  PS 207 Cumh Eoin Ghairbh Mhic Ghille Challum Rarsey
Dj.2  PS 182 Brather a’n amhildaich
Dj.3  PS 201 Colin a Ruun
Dj.4  PS 209 A Bhratach Bhaan
Dj.5  PS 203 Clan Ronald’s March to Edinburgh
Dj.6  PS 222 O’Kelly’s Lament
Dj.7  PS 210 Cumh na Coshag
Dj.8  PS 229 Battle of Sherrif Muir, The
Dj.9  PS 240 Porst na Ludag
Dj.10  PS 32 Battle of Millroy, The
Dj.11  PS 74 March i Dubh Lord Bradalbane
Dj.12  PS 100 Cumh Alister Yeerich
Dj.13  PS 99 Subieskie
Dj.14  PS 241 ha a Fer ick oll
Dj.15  PS 65 Chisholm
Dj.16  PS 107 Riban Gorum
Dj.17  PS 242 Coolin
Dj.18  PS 243 Caid’n Dudh thanic Dhu
Dj.19  PS 115 My King has Landed in M.
Dj.20  PS 220 Donald Bain MacCruimen’s Lament
Dj.21  PS 234 Union, The
Dj.22  PS 3 Unlawfull Quarter
Dj.23  PS 218 Menzies Salute
Dj.24  PS 164 MacDonald’s Gathering
Dj.25  PS 72 Sutherland’s Gathering
Dj.26  PS 8 MacNiels of Barraws March
Dj.27  PS 81 Sutherland’s March
Dj.28  PS 111 MacDonald’s Salute
Dj.29  PS 155 Mac Queen á Royag
Dj.30  PS 135 Cumadh Chraobh na’n’Cheud
Dj.31  PS 232 Tulichard
Dj.32  PS 231 Failte na Leodich
Dj.33  PS 196 Failte Lady Margeret
Dj.34  PS 200 MacIntosh’s Lament
Dj.35  PS 239 Children’s Lament, The
Dj.36  PS 228 Finlay’s Lament
Dj.37  PS 39 Cumh con Mhic aoidh
Dj.38  PS 88 Massacre of Glencoe
Dj.39  PS 178 Little Drunkard, The
Dj.40  PS 230 Big Drunkard, The

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