Genre: Laments

Here we are looking for the following defining characteristics:

  • double-beats, including hiharin (which are double-beats) and dari movements (himbari, vedari, chedari, etc.)
  • pitch height (high tessitura – minimum of half the theme notes are D and above)
  • more lyrical structure

This list will require more time to assemble, but for now, here are some of the tunes with “Lament” in their title that meet all three criteria:

PS 15 Lament for the Only Son
PS 23 The Sister’s Lament
PS 24 Lament for Finlay – Hiharin Hinotra
PS 26 Lament for Donald of Laggan
PS 31 Lament for the Cleric
PS 48 Lament for Robert Sinclair’s Wife
PS 64 Lament for Rory MacLeod
PS 86 Lament for the Laird of Contullich
PS 87 Cherede Cherede
PS 88 Massacre of Glencoe
PS 90 Cherede Darievea
PS 125 The Brother’s Lament – Hihorodo Hiorodo
PS 126 Hiorodotra Cheredeche
PS 128 Hiharado Hiharara
PS 130 Lament for Campbell of Airds
PS 136 Lament for Cameron of Dungallon
PS 137 Lament for Patrick Og MacCrimmon
PS 143 Lament for Queen Anne
PS 154 Mac Mhic Alisters Dead Lament
PS 166 Lament for the Laird of Cross
PS 172 Lament for the Sword
PS 175 Lament for the Departure of King James
PS 176 Lament for Roland MacDonald of Morar
PS 188 The Brothers Lament – Hihararao Haen
PS 190 The Daughters Lament
PS 192 A Lament
PS 194 Lament for Lady MacDonald
PS 197 Lament for the Laird of Arnaboll
PS 200 Lament for Mackintosh
PS 220 Lament for Donald Ban MacCrimmon
PS 228 Lament for Finlay – Himbam Hiedre
PS 239 Lament for the Children
PS 261 Lord Lovat’s Lament
PS 265 Lament for Captain Donald Mackenzie
PS 272 The Company’s Lament
PS 273 Lament for the Great Supper
PS 283 Lament for Captain MacDougall
PS 288 Lament for the Earl of Antrim
PS 300 Lament for Red Hector of the Battles

Rather than redefine the characteristics to fit them in, it would be interesting to see what these other “laments” may have in common, such that we may discover distinct, alternative styles of “laments”.

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