About the Gaelic audio materials

The short audio clips of Gaelic pronunciation distributed on 284 of our tune pages are by Allan MacDonald. They reflect the South Uist pronunciation of his mother and the Moidart pronunciation of his father. The pronunciation of John MacInnes, on the other hand, reflects the North Uist pronunciation of his mother and south Skye pronunciation of his father.

This page lists all the longer audio interviews relating to Gaelic language aspects of pibroch that we have published on Musical Materials and its sister site, Learning Living Pibroch. Join the Alt Pibroch Club to receive an email alert when any new material is published – registration is free and we publish about two posts per week.


Interviews with John MacInnes

‘Better to be a mistress than a wife’

Gesto’s digraph “ie”


Interviews with Allan MacDonald

Recorded 20 January 2015:

The Old Woman’s Lullaby
On the meaning of “Mealee Fenaig” in C1 (MacIntyre’s Salute)
The Blue Ribbon, or The Horse’s Bridle Tune
The Sutherlands’ Gathering
The Unjust Incarceration

Recorded 8 April 2015:

Glas or Gleus?

Recorded 11 October 2016:

What is it that is black: a dog, a lament, or Samuel?