A Gift from Keith Sanger

The Musical Materials site of the Alt Pibroch Club is very close to completing the collection of all extent pre-1840 source materials.  There are only a few odds and ends we need to pick up, and we are working hard to do so.

In the meanwhile, Keith Sanger sent along some photos of the Patrick MacDonald pibrochs he has in his possession – they are not quite the quality we will be posting, but they are certainly exciting enough for us to want to share with you here. They are from the 1784 book Patrick Published (more info of which can be found here.)

PMcD b PMcDd PMcD a PMcDe PMcDc

He sent this note along with them:

Patrick was an interesting figure in his own right, but these settings do need some thought. For example regarding the Finger Lock, I notice he has a scordatura written at the start of the clef, and so it may be that with the fiddle which was his instrument the combination of that fiddle tuning and played as written on the stave would possibly produce a different note than written. I do not know enough about fiddle tunings I am afraid.

What we do know is where he went to get those tunes and the connections that he would have made. Patrick rather defied a number of historical stereotypes. A minister of the Church of Scotland yet was married to a catholic who was also the daughter of a leading Jacobite from the 45′. Patrick was a very competent violinist who actually stood in for one of the concert professionals who was sick. Yet despite all of those was appointed minister in a parish under the control of the Duke of Argyle.

We will be incorporating Patrick MacDonald’s scores in the months ahead at Musical Materials site.


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