Affiliated with the site AltPibroch.com, we have created a distinct space where we focus upon research, learning, interpretation and performance of pibroch informed by the discoveries uncovered in the exploration of the early manuscripts perusable on our sister site.

Our purpose here is to facilitate discussion, engage performance, edify readers and encourage learning.  We hope to bring new insights, expression and musicality to pibroch as a result of discoveries unleashed by the release of previously unattainable manuscripts and scores.

Under the menu “Modern Traditional Piper” you can review pages that seek to elucidate some of the most important, and yet most overlooked aspects of performance as revealed by the pre-1840 manuscripts.  More information in the Posts may be found under the Category of the same title, as discoveries are uncovered.

Canntaireachd” will contain materials related to the development and history of canntaireachd, as well as resources for learning and using it to help interpret pibroch.

Under the menu “Research“, texts and links to important  works on the history of pibroch performance and performers are published. As we sponsor more articles, more pages will become available.

“Categories” are perhaps the most useful way to review posts related to a given topic.

Membership is free – we ask you to register in order to prevent the site from being taken over by spambots.

We hope you enjoy, and feel comfortable enough to contribute to the re-envigorating the performance and interpretation of pibroch.

J David Hester, PhD
Barnaby Brown