Allan MacDonald – KKRN The Piping Hour (June 2018)

Our Member, Dr. Stephen Rooklidge (Shasta Piping Society), hosts a weekly radio broadcast called The Piping Hour. It is an excellent hour-long broadcast of old and new recordings of ceòl beag and ceòl mòr.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be highlighting some shows of interest to our Members. Beginning today.

As a devotee of Allan MacDonald, Stephen is an advocate of exploring original settings and playing in alternative styles on the boards.  The feedback he receives is decidedly mixed – it seems the West Coast of the US can be a tricky environment in which to play from the primary sources: some judges are very open, while other (too many of them) are dismissively rude and patronizing.

Fortunately, Stephen has found ways to find and maintain his inspiration, among those being the recordings of Allan.

He has highlighted Allan as a “Featured Piper” three times this year.  The first was broadcast in June 2018.   Let’s listen to his broadcast.

6.12.2018 – The Piping Hour, featured piper  Allan MacDonald


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