An Interesting Puzzle, and a Potential Opportunity

In my encounters chatting with competitors and judges, one  hears discussions about what constitutes qualifications for aassessing “alternative” settings.

This poses an interesting question: Since so many of the current and previous generation of pipers only learn from and know the derivative and secondary sources, and are taught in the dominant stylistic paradigm, where does one find judges familiar with primary and traditional sources and performance traditions?

In the UK, the MacDonald Quaich is providing a remarkable opportunity for learning, both on the performer and judging sides of the hall.

What are other areas of the world doing to break the log-jam of “competition style” pibroch and allow everyone the chance to compete and be judged in traditional style performances?

Leave comments or contact us directly: It would be lovely to assemble opportunities (Judge’s Seminars, recitals, competitions), names of competitors and performers and judges, and resources from all over the world to help build regional opportunities for those of us who want the chance to be heard and understood in what we are doing.

That way, should anyone want to put something together, perhaps the Alt Pibroch Club and its members can help find local resources from which organizers may draw.


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