Bulletproof Musician – Memorization

Yet another germane topic to our study of pibroch: deliberate memorization!

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Regular Memorization Works OK, but Here’s Why “Deliberate Memorization” Is Way Better

Here is the link to Cortot’s Master Class: a real gem –

One of the most fascinating things about Cortot was how famous he was at simply ignoring notes while playing.  He was one of the greatest pianists of his time, but he, along with the other pianists of the era, were far more interested in harmony, in expression, in communication, to let it bother them if they did not play every note perfectly.

This is called musicianship, and it is often eclipsed in our effort to play the score “perfectly.”

Yes, yes, yes – you will say: “Both technical perfection AND musicianship can be combined.”  Of course they can.  My argument is: our art form was a folk art premised on musical genius, improvisation, with a piper performing for the moment.  This is the aspect of our art that is generally missing and needs to return.


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  1. “Both technical perfection AND musicianship can be combined.” Yes. But further: what happens when the real world of live performance bumps against the theoretical ideal world of perfection in all aspects? Which do you let slip or neglect at the expense of the other?

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