Entering the 21st Century

Some changes being made here at the Alt Pibroch Club’s Learning Living Pibroch site.  We are entering the 21st century by embracing social media.

With each new post we  will also be posting to our Facebook page The Alt Pibroch Club (where you can Like us), as well as to our Twitter account (@altpibroch).

This is the beginning of the roadmap (still under development) by the entertainment division of the Alt Pibroch Club, whose purpose is to help pibroch thrive by facilitating the broadest possible distribution of information on the art form.

In the future we will be announcing more information on pibroch events (recitals, conferences, workshops, concerts), sponsoring performances, and supporting modern composers and musicians who explore the depths and breadth of our music. Stay tuned for more, exciting information!

One last announcement: we are now a 501(3)(c) charitable arts organization. All donations are tax deductible.  For more information, you may contact us here.


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