Gesto’s digraph “ie”

Barnaby Brown and Allan MacDonald visited the great Gaelic scholar John MacInnes to gain some insight into questions that were raised when reading the Gesto canntaireachd.

Many topics were discussed, but we wanted to share a little snippet on the digraph “ie” found in two titles:

PS 204 (G.3:6) Coghiegh na Shie [Cogadh no Sìth]
PS 244 (G.10:25) Lassan alias the flame of Phadrig Chiegh [Lasan Phàdraig Chaogaich]

During the conversation you will hear other Gaelic words:  siud (pronounced “shit”), taobhcrobh (the 1840 Bunting harp term) and caora (word for sheep).

As you will hear, this man is a treasure.

This interview was recorded on 22 April 2015 looking at the following facsimiles:



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  1. Thank you for posting this. Although I am not a Gaelic speaker, I am well familiar with the Gaelic titles of piobaireachd published by the PS, and it is good for me to listen to the sounds correctly pronounced.

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