Harp Pibroch – Ann Heymann

Came across the works of Ann Heyman, Gaelic harpist and composer with several recording credits to her name.

We were so taken by her work, we invited her to join the Editorial Board of the APC Modern Pibroch Library, an invitation she accepted.

Graciously, she is allowing us to post one of her tunes, Cumha Iarla Wigton.

Enjoy! and visit her site to download more!


3 thoughts on “Harp Pibroch – Ann Heymann

  1. It’s so musical! It inspires me to figure out how to bring more music out of my performance. Sometimes pibroch can become so formulaic, so rigid. Listening to her, I can hear and enjoy something I rarely tap into when I try to perform. It’s just lovely.

  2. Now that you have discovered Ann Heymann, discover Alison Kinnaird/ They even made a record. the Harpers Land. One of the tunes is Bas Alastruim. In the Empire Book of Ross Watt(CeolSean) there are two versions (MacDonnell’s March & Alistair MacDonnell which has T&C parts.

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