Modern Traditional – Recording on YouTube

Two more recordings posted on YouTube, for your consideration.

The first is MacFarlane’s Gathering/Too Long in This Condition (PS 161): done in a style of a gathering. It is performed as rondo, the Urlar becoming the familiar “chorus” from each each cycle of variations was to journey something new and to which it would return.

This was the pibroch that began my own personal journey into the primary sources and alternative performance styles.

The second is the surprisingly much more difficult Sister’s Lament (PS 23): more difficult to conceive, more difficult to perform (despite being 1/3 the length of MacFarlane’s Lament). As stated in the notes, I tried to capture the presentation of an “argument” – an expression of sorrow that journeys through stages of lamentation, anger, resolution, demand for justice.

This one, over the years, I have always found one of the most difficult to record, and may in the future return to it again (which would make it the fifth time I’ve tried to record this).

(One of my favorite recordings continues to be Willie McCallum’s in the World’s Greatest Piper’s series.)

Feedback (on YouTube or here) is welcome.

In fact, I’d really like to see more recordings by members posted here.  I encourage you to post some (or send us a link)!


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