More Harp Pibroch – Simon Chadwick

Our friend Simon Chadwick recorded another one of his performances. He is a wonderful ambassador for pibroch in general, and on the harp in particular.

Morar’s March, also known as MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart.



2 thoughts on “More Harp Pibroch – Simon Chadwick

  1. I’ll play this same tune in August at a concert in Kilkenny, Ireland, where I’m sharing a platform with Allan MacDonald and Ann Heymann, for a concert entirely of pibroch, on harp and on pipes.

    This is my attempt to apply my new ideas on old Gaelic harp technique, which I have developed over the past couple of years studying the Bunting manuscripts. It’s a challenge to work out how to play pibroch with these new techniques but I think it’s working.

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