Original Piobaireachd Society – First Series

From 1904-1913, the newly founded Piobaireachd Society published its first series of piobairechd scores.  Called Co-chruinneachadh Piobaireachd: le comunn na piobaireachd (A Collection of Piobaireacd. Selected and edit by The Piobaireachd Society.), the first volume was originally published by Logan & Co. in Inverness.  Later, volumes 2-5 were published by P Henderson in Glasgow. The series included 32 scores. Most volumes included an editorial preface, as well notes on the origins of the composition of the tunes.

These settings have been long out of print.  The “reconstructed” Piobaireachd Society, along with the Music Committee under the leadership of Archibald Campbell, Kilberry, decided to re-begun the series. By 1932, they were unattainable and long out of print.

Last year, the Alt Pibroch Club received a gift in the mail: all 5 volumes had been sent in xerox format. British copyright laws protect publications for 70 years. It is our understanding, therefore, that these scores are now in the public domain.

For purposes of historical record, we therefore will be making them available for free download and distribution over the course of the next month or so.  Every week (or so), we will publish one of the volumes, with some notes comparing what was produced with what was later to be produced, in order to provide some historical context.

It is not quite clear the extent to which the re-publication of these scores will introduce anything musically new or insightful.  But on the principle of making as many of these sources, even secondary sources available for direct access, you will be able to decide for yourselves.


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  1. David,
    Copyright laws get complicated the further back you go but your Library of Congress lists some of those original volumes among their collection and as I understand their take on copyright since the publications pre date their ‘red line’, then they would view them as certainly being in the public domain.

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