Peter Cooke – More Notes on George Moss

After reading the articles by Robin Andrews on our site, Dr. Peter Cooke has published seven transcribed scores from George Moss (or based on his performing and instruction).  These include:

  • Ruagg Glean-Fraoin [PS 13]
  • Maol Donn [PS 75]
  • Lament for Mary MacLeod [PS 279]
  • Fàilte an t-Siosalach [PS 73]
  • Port Na Dornaig
  • Togail bho Thìr [PS 140]
  • Gràn an Seicannan ’s Sìol am Pocannan [PS 119]

It is a remarkable collection of materials, and supplements the work that Robin Andrews has been doing for us over the last few weeks.

He also includes a link to the accompanying materials of his recordings with George Moss:

Please visit his site and take a look, here!


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