Pipeline – Featuring Chris Lee

Our member, Chris Lee, moved from Hong Kong to Scotland in order to obtain his piping degree (from the Royal Conservatoire and the National Piping Centre). He was an early student of Bruce Gandy, staying with him for several summers.

This last month he is featured on Gary West’s Pipeline, where he performs his own compositions, Breton tunes, as well as those of Allan MacDonald (from whom he has taken lessons).

He also performs Lady MacDonald’s Lament from the MacArthur manuscripts – a memorable, melodic and very musical version.


[The link disappears after a couple of weeks, so visit soon!]

Chris will be returning to Hong Kong to develop a teaching program (already 150 students!) and help pipers there work through PDQB syllabus. (Learn more about his exceptionally insightful teaching approach to pibroch here: Pibroch Perception)

He currently is interested in Breton music, and plays in Bagad Cap Caval. “They have so much freedom there, and don’t practice like a machine.”


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