Shasta Piping Society – 2018 Original Piobaireachd Contest

A pre-announcement from our friend and member, Stephen Rooklidge:

Facebook Page: Shasta Piping Society

It is nice to see this very successful event return. Some very exciting new pibrochs were submitted, along with a majority number of very typical style compositions, all of which are certainly worth reading, and any of which would make a nice addition to a piper’s repertoire.

For those of you interested in taking a look, most of them have been published on the site.

One suggestion for those wishing to submit: do so, but make sure to spend some time and effort providing the judges a good recording. Reading scores is one thing, listening to them is another. A good recording should go a long way toward giving your tune it’s best possible reception. (I was not privy to any of the back-end chat among the judges, but when asking for copies from the submitters, many of them admitted they weren’t particularly happy with their recordings. So, this is simply my own observation, after the fact…)

In any case: the competition is not yet.  This is a pre-contest posting, alerting all composers and performers that the contest will return.  So: start sharpen your quills and tune up your pipes!



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