The Pibroch Wiki

We have an exciting announcement.

We are releasing our fourth imprimatur: The Pibroch Wiki. It is now available at

A wiki is a technology that encourages collaboration: it designed to allow users to edit content, keeping information alive and fresh.

Other technologies (web pages, blogs) are designed for one-way static content – you post something, and others read it.  Maybe people are allowed to comment on it, but the original content is owned by a single author, and only that author can change it.

In many cases, that’s fine.  But in the world of research, new ideas, new perspectives, new sources, new results are constantly arising, making static content obsolete.  And this is where a wiki comes in handy – by design, the content is not owned by anyone in particular, but is curated by editors.  So, when new information comes in, any editor can easily update information.  Or create new entries.

We imagine The Pibroch Wiki to be such a site: we would like to see entries related to pibroch, pibroch history, biographies, performances, scores, stories, historical documents – anything and everything about our favorite music put on the site.

It will not be limited to primary sources (Musical Materials). It will not be a place primarily focused on instruction and revitalization (Learning Living Pibroch).  Nor will it bibliography resource (Bibliography).

Instead, we conceive of this site as a place where information on a variety of aspects related to pibroch will be included: new compositions, new performances and recordings, entries on historical figures and events, entries on composers, topical entries.

Think of it as a living electronic encyclopedia of pibroch.

Take a look for yourselves:

If you wish to become an editor, contact us.  One caveat: wikis were designed by engineers, which means they are not particularly user friendly.  To become an editor will require a bit of time and training to learn the ins and outs of the technology.  The wiki-master, William Waites, will help get you set up.

The potential here is tremendous. We hope you will join us in creating the definitive resource site for all things pibroch!


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