Tone Protector

So, our friend and member, Jori Chisholm, has spent the past 3 years testing and perfecting what is the next major advancement in piping technology.

He was gracious enough to send me a prototype to test, and it is, simply put, brilliant: it has made tuning and set up of my pipes nearly automatic and instantaneous.  Because reed humidity is maintained at a precise level, I am no longer required to play for 10-20 minutes before tuning the drones.  And, once you have suffered through the inanity of tuning the chanter itself (what other instrument requires tape to tune it?), you rarely have to change it.

The thing to note, as it is a question that I’ve had to answer several times: the hydration technology he uses is two-way. If your environment is wet, it will reduce the humidity.

In other words, it maintains a true steady-state. So: no, mold does not grow. (Jori would know: he lives in one of the wettest parts of the nation.)

It is the product we have all been needing.


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