Updated! APC Guide to Pibroch

The response has been overwhelming!

Many of you (a lot, actually) have downloaded either the iBook or the EPUB versions. That’s very exciting! (And if you have any trouble or difficulty with either link, just drop us a line.)

And Rab Wallace’s site, Piping Press, even featured a Blog post on the eBook (here). And others are appearing soon!

One of the incredible aspects of online and electronic publication is the ease with which changes and improvements can be made. With your feedback, we have made several new improvements and enhancements!

  • Added several new kinks
  • New resources
  • New recording
  • Fixes to texts and tables

If you are an iBook user, this all happens automagically: open your book and you will be notified of an update you can download. Super easy!

If you downloaded a PDF from the Dropbox site, go back to it and you will get the latest version, plus all the new recordings. A new EPUB version is also available.

Please keep the feedback coming. If you feel something is missing, or the exercises could be improved, or more time can be spent on a topic, send your insights to us. A lot of work went into it, but it is technically quite trivial to add and change materials.

We made the book free so it can be shared widely. Send links to your friends. Share the PDF freely. The more people who have it, the more people will feel comfortable turning to and understanding our precious primary sources.

And once again, Thank you!


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