We’re Playing It Wrong… (No. 8)

[The title of this series is admittedly provocative, but also tongue-in-cheek. After all the times other people have told me, ‘you are playing it wrong’, I thought it would be fun to turn the tables a bit. ]


think you know how Cholla Mo Rùin (PS 201 – The Piper’s Warning to His Master) is supposed to go?

Perhaps you think something like this:

Really good, right? I mean: 1) Fay Henderson, and 2) Donald MacDonald version.  Very well done, and stuff you don’t get to hear very often.  We really should encourage this type of performance, and not just at specialized Quaichs – we should hear them everywhere!

You can a lot of excellent versions on the Internet of this great tune. (Check out Jack Lee’s version here, for example.)

But now, just listen to Mary Morrison sing it at the website Tobar an Dualchais

Suddenly, the tune takes on  certain urgency, doesn’t it?

Makes one ponder the possibilities for exploration. Grab a copy and try to play it at her speed, with her urgency.  It’s a very different, and very exciting experience.



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