What we rarely discuss…

…because, sadly, our art is constrained by the context of competition, which is very different than playing for an audience (something that was the original heart of the music of pibroch).

As people listening to performances, we may be transformed by what we heard. We speak in awe of a performer or a performance, hearing a musicality and virtuosity we envy and appreciate.

But as performers, as teachers – how often do we discuss the sublime? the spiritual?

Do you think about that when you play? Do you discuss such things with your tutor? your fellow pibroch players?


2 thoughts on “What we rarely discuss…

  1. Well, whether “we” allow our art to be “constrained” is really up to the individual artist. We could also be “constrained” by the need to get commercial recording contracts, or the need to fit into Arts Council funding streams…. any of these constraints is our own personal choice as artists. We constrain ourselves.

    For me, this is trance music, or mesmeric, connected to meditation, altered states of consciousness. I guess that fits with what you mean by sublime and spiritual. Maybe there is even a connection with psychadelic music.

  2. A nice reminder of the passion musicians feel for their music. That absolute need to become involved with their instrument. The long hours of practice. The perfecting, the sculpting, the connecting. The total absorption with it. The music being everything. Lovely short video reminder of all these things.

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