PS 102 – Donald Gruamach’s March

      Leannan Mhic Dhòmhnaill Ghruamaich

      Spaidsearachd Dhòmhnaill Ghruamaich

Primary sources

[Donald Gruamach’s March: first 2 bars] J:19v.1
Joseph MacDonald’s treatise (c. 1760), folio 19v

C2 Leanan Mhic Donnil Gromich C2.18: 45
Spaidseirachd Dhomnuil Ghruamaic[h] H.4: 7r
D1 Spaidsearachd Dhonuill Ghruamaich / Donald Ghruamach of Slate’s Lament… D1.3: 13
Donald Groumach G.9: 21
K1 Spaidsearachd Dhomhnuill Ghruamaich / Grim Donald’s March K1 78 178
SC Spatcharach dolgruamach SC.31
Angus MacKay, ‘Specimens of Canntareachd’ (c. 1854), no. 31

Notes on Gaelic Titles

Leannan Mhic Dhòmhnaill Ghruamaich Leannan Dhonail Chruaimeich / Donald’s Love 1785; Leannan Ghioll Chruaimeich / The Stern Lad’s Sweetheart 1785Leanan Mhic Donnil Gromich C2; Leanan Mhic Dhonail Ghruamaich / Grim Donald’s Sweetheart 1804. Donald Gruamach’s Sweetheart.

Spaidsearachd Dhòmhnaill Ghruamaich Spaidseirachd Dhomnuil Ghruamaic[h] H; Spaidsearachd Dhonuill Ghruamaich / Donald Ghruamach of Slate’s Lament for the death of his elder brother D1; Donald Groumach G; Spaidsearachd Dhomhnuill Ghruamaich / Grim Donald’s March K1; Spatcharach dolgruamach SC. Donald Gruamach’s March.

Roderick Cannon (2009), rev. Barnaby Brown 2016

Archive Recordings

1961 Pipe Major John D Burgess: Highland bagpipe
1966 Calum Johnston: Highland bagpipe
1976 Pipe Majors Robert B Nicol and Robert U Brown: canntaireachd and discussion

Other Material

2001 William Donaldson: Set Tunes Notes

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