PS 011 – MacLean of Coll’s Galley

      A’ Bhratach Bhàn

      Birlinn Tighearna Cholla

      Cath Bhealach Chraoibhe

Primary Sources

C1 Bhratich Bhan C1.9: 22
Mac Lean of Coll’s R.11: 10v
K1 Bior-linn Tighearna Cholla / The Laird of Coll’s Barge K1.33: 81
JK The Laird of Coll’s Barge JK.53: 142

Notes on Gaelic Titles

A’ Bhratach Bhàn Bhratich Bhan C1; A Bhratach Bhaan / The White Flag D2; A Bhratach Bhaan Dj; Bratich Bhan SC. The White Banner. Colin Campbell gives this title to PS 11, the MacDonalds (father and son) to PS 108, and Angus MacKay to PS 209.

Birlinn Tighearna Cholla Mac Lean of Coll’s R; Bior-linn Tighearna Cholla / The Laird of Coll’s Barge K1; The Laird of Coll’s Barge JK. The Laird of Coll’s Galley (though ‘barge’ can be used in English for a large ceremonial craft, whether powered by oars or not).

Cath Bhealach Chraoibhe. The Battle of the Pass of Crieff. This well-known name does not occur in the sources under review, but in K1 the original titles have been crossed out in pencil, and at a top corner of the page are the words Bealla na’n Cr…, ending at the top of the page where something has evidently been trimmed off.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

Archive Recording

1953 Pipe Major Robert U Brown (canntaireachd)

Other Material

2003 William Donaldson: Set Tunes Notes


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