PS 127 – A Prelude: Hihorodo hioenoem


Primary Sources

C2 A Glass C2.43: 101

Notes on Gaelic Title

Gleus not found but we have 050 A Glase C1; 127 A Glass C2; 146 A Glas C2. Suggested to be English spellings for Gaelic gleus, and interpreted as ‘[finger/ tuning] exercise’. Cf. A’ Ghlas Mheur (132); also Deuchainn Ghléusaidh, an expression for a tuning prelude. See S. Donnelly, ‘Feaghan Geleash’. Ceol Tire, 25 (1984) pp 5-6, 11-12; R.D. Cannon, ‘Gaelic names of pibrochs: a classification,’ Scottish Studies, 34 (2000-2006), pp 20-59.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

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