PS 138 – Graham’s March

      Cac air chloich

Primary Sources

C2 Graham’s March C2.54: 122
K1 C** air Cloich / Index: a Tune for a Beginer K1.41: 93
KK C**** air Cloich / Index: C***d air Cloich. KK.46: 86

Notes on Gaelic Titles

Cac air chloich C**** air Cloich KK; C***d air Cloich KK index; C** air Cloich K1. Shit(ting) on a stone. Presumably KK index is to be read cachd. In K1 index this tune is called a Tune for a Beginer. The scatological name may be a comment on the simplicity of the tune.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

Other Materials

William Donaldson’s Set Tunes Series (2017)

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