PS 139 – Fair Honey

      A’ Mhil Bhraonach

Primary Sources

C2 Vuile Vrionich C2.55: 124
K3 A Bheel Bronach Far am ‘t-ainach Charly Stewart / Index: A Mheel Bhraonach K3.30: 113
KK A Mheil Baronnach / Index: …Bhraonach / Fair Honey KK.25: 44

Notes on Gaelic Titles

A’ Mhil Bhraonach Vuile Vrionich C2; A Bheel Bronach Far am ’t-ainach Charly Stewart K3; A Mheel Bhraonach K3 index; A Mheil Baronnach KK; …Bhraonach / Fair Honey KK index. The modern name is ‘Fair Honey’ but the words ‘are you sad’ were noted by J. MacDougall Gillies in 1884 (PS Book 9, p. 263), presumably from reading the name as A’ bheil thu brònach?

Roderick Cannon (2009)

Other Material

William Donaldson’s Set Tunes Notes (2004)

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