PS 144 – Ewan’s Crònan

      Crònan air Eoghan

Primary Sources

C2 Croan air Euan C2.60: 136

Notes on Gaelic Title

Crònan air Eoghan Croan air Euan C2.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

2 thoughts on “PS 144 – Ewan’s Crònan”

  1. A further, grammatical note: the gaelic word ‘air’ means ‘on’, in the physical sense of location; it does not correspond to the English word ‘on’, in the sense of ‘dedicated to’, ‘belonging to’.

  2. This title relies on the assumption ‘Croan’ is a mistake for ‘Cronan’, which is a large one, and very likely a mistake itself.
    There is a perfectly good gaelic word, ‘croan’, meaning the claw of a raptor, such as a hawk or other bird of prey.
    Likewise, ‘Euan’ should not be assumed to be the name ‘Ewan’. It could, more probably, be a phonetic spelling of ‘Eun’ = bird (cho saor ri eun air an sgéith – as free as a bird).

    How many tunes have the word ‘cronan’ in them? None, apart from ‘Cronan na Cailliach’ where, as Allan MacDonald explains elsewhere, it does not mean ‘lullaby’.

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