1 thought on “PS 148 – The Black Wedder with the White Tail”

  1. The Battle (or Rout) of Glenfruin happened because of this sheep, as well as all the misfortunes which befell the Clann Gregor thereafter, which included being proclaimed outlaws, losing their land, and made fair game for anyone.
    Briefly, two men of the clan killed a sheep for food near Luss, on Loch Lomond-side, but were apprehended, tried for sheep-stealing, the evidence being a black wedder with a white tail, and hanged. Their relatives demanded compensation, which was refused; so the entire clan went to Luss to extract it. They were met by an even larger army of the Colquhouns, but routed it with some slaughter, and then plundered the entire countryside for miles around. For this outrage, King James proscribed them.

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