PS 158 – The Battle of Athole

      Blàr Athaill

Primary Sources

C2 C2 74 162
K3 Blar Atholl / The Battle of Athole. Index adds: or Killiecrankie K3.10: 82
KK Blàr Atholl / The Battle of Athole… KK.59: 113
JK Blar atholle JK.28: [70]

Notes on Gaelic Titles

Blàr Athaill  Blàr Atholl / The Battle of Athole… KK; Blar Atholl / The Battle of Athole K3; The Battle of Athole or Killiecrankie K3 index; Blar atholle JK; Blar Athole JKA. The Battle of Atholl. Although Blàr Atholl can be read as the placename ‘Blair Atholl’  the reading blàr = ‘Battle(field)’  is supported by other names beginning with Blàr. The two readings are not mutually exclusive.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

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