PS 163 – The Gathering of the Clans

      Blàr Bhustair

      Cruinneachadh nam Fineachan

Primary Sources

C2 Blare Vuster C2.79: 171
K3 Cruinneachadh na’ Fineachan / The Gathering of the Clans K3.17: 93
KK Cruinneachadh na Fineachan / The Gathering of the Clans KK.23: 41

Notes on Gaelic Titles

Blàr Bhustair  Blare Vuster C2. The Battle of Worcester. The battle (1651), disastrous for the Scots, had a large impact on West Highland tradition (see I.F. Grant, The MacLeods, the History of a Clan, Edinburgh (1959, Reprinted 1981), pp 295-297) but the place name has not been noted in any other Gaelic context.

Cruinneachadh nam Fineachan Cruinneachadh na’ Fineachan / The gathering of the clans K3; Cruinneachadh na Fineachan / The Gathering of the Clans KK. The Gathering of the Clans. ‘Gathering’ in this sense is a distinct Scots usage, the contemporary English expressions being ‘assembly’ or ‘general’ (see R.D. Cannon, ‘Gaelic names of pibrochs: a classification,’ Scottish Studies 34 [2000-2006], pp 20-59). The English expression is now such a cliché that one might ask whether it was adopted as a tune name by Angus MacKay following popularisation by Walter Scott. On the other hand it is found as early as 1784. See comments under PS 204.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

Modern Editions

PS Book 14: p. 455

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