PS 179 – Hinotrao hobaindreho

Primary Sources

Piobaireachd / King James’ Salute (CB) A.3: 7
K1 K1.2: 3
KK Piobeareachd KK.35: 61

Note on the Titles

‘King James’ Salute’ was added by Charles Bannatyne (CB) in 1904. In 1966, Archie Kenneth gave this title to a different tune, PS 14, expanding it to ‘King James the Sixth’s Salute’ (PS Book 11, p. 344). Andrew Wright gave it back to this tune in 2004, now spelled ‘King James VI’s Salute’ (Frans Buisman, Andrew Wright and Roderick Cannon (eds), The MacArthur-MacGregor Manuscript of Piobaireachd (1820), p. 131). I regard it as a nameless tune and supplied the title ‘Hinotrao hobaindreho’ in ‘A map of the pibroch landscape, 1760–1841’ (2014) because Bannatyne was prone to invention and tampering (see Bannatyne’s index to A and Archibald Campbell’s notes on JK). This keeps the illuminating confusion between Failte and Cumha in the titles of PS 14 visible, rather than tidied up without any evidence to support the decision.

Barnaby Brown, 2016

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