PS 185 – Lament for Catherine

      Cumha Caitrìona

Primary Sources

Frazier’s Gathering A.11: 33
K1 Cumha Chaitrine / Katherine’s Salute. Index: Katherine’s Lament  K1.5: 13
JK Cathrines Lament JK.51: [136]

Notes on Gaelic Title

Cumha Caitrìona  Cumha Chaitrine / Katherine’s Salute K1. Katherine’s Lament K1 index; Cathrines Lament JK. Catherine’s Lament. In formal Gaelic the name Catriona, being feminine, is not lenited in the genitive, but Angus MacKay’s (K1) version is no doubt vernacular.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

Archive Recordings

1953 Pipe Major William MacLean
1961 Pipe Major John D Burgess MBE
1971 George Moss

Other Material

William Donaldson’s Set Tunes Notes (2004)

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