PS 188 – The Brother’s Lament: Hihararao haen

      Cumha nam Bràithrean

Primary Sources

The Brother’s Lament A15: 47
K1 Cumha nam Brathairean / The Brothers’ Lament K1.9: 23
KK Cumha Bhrathair / The Brothers Lament KK.47: 88

Notes on Gaelic Title

Cumha nam Bràithrean Cumha nam Brathairean / The Brothers’ Lament K1; Cumha Bhrathair / The Brothers Lament KK. The Brothers’ Lament. A.M. MacDonald (1995, pp. 262 ff.) discusses possible connections with the poem Cumha na Mbrathar in the Turner MS, 1748, published in A. Cameron, Reliquiae Celticae. 2 vols. Inverness (1892-4), vol. ii, pp. 333-335. Colin Campbell attaches this name to another tune (PS 125).

Roderick Cannon (2009), rev. Barnaby Brown, 2020

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