PS 200 – Lament for Mackintosh

Cumha a’ Mhic á h-Arasaig
Cumha Mhic an Tòisich

Primary Sources

Y3 Cumh’ Mhic-o-Arrisaig O Hara’s Lament / Index: Cumh’ Mhic O Arrisaig Y3.284: 262
McIntosh’s Lament O.10: 18 (Vol.II, p.104)
P Cumha Mhic a h Arasaig / McIntosh’s Lament P: 38
Cumhe Mhichdintósich / MacIntosh’s lament E.147: 181
Cumha Mhic a’h Arasaig / McIntosh’s Lament R.1: 1r
D2 Cumhadh Mhic a’h Arasaig / MacIntosh’s Lament D2.16: 76
Dj MacIntosh’s Lament Dj.34: 43
KB Cumha Mhic an Tòisich / Macintosh’s Lament KB.60: 162

Notes on Gaelic  Titles

Cumha a’ Mhic á h-Arasaig Cumh’ Mhic-o-Arrisaig O Hara’s Lament Y3; Cumh’ Mhic O Arrisaig Y3 index; Cumha Mhic a h Arasaig / McIntosh’s Lament P; Cumha Mhic a’h Arasaig R; Cumhadh Mhic a’h Arasaig D2. A. M. MacDonald (1995, p. 155) translates the first title as ‘Lament for the son from Arrisaig’, hence the reading here with á rather than a’, as in Cumha Mhic Shuain á Roaig (PS 155). See also Cumha Mhic Rìgh Arois (PS 245).

Cumha Mhic an Tòisich Cumhe Mhichdintósich E; MacIntosh’s Lament Dj; Cumha Mhic an Tòisich / Macintosh’s Lament KB; McIntosh’s Lament R; MacIntosh’s Lament D2. MacIntosh’s Lament. In E the spelling -chd evidently represents a ‘chk’ sound, as in pìobaireachd.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

Archive Recordings

1960 Pipe Major John D Burgess
1967 Archibald Merrilees Euman
1970 Angus Campbell
1977 William Murdoch MacLellan

Other Material

2009 William Donaldson: Set Tunes Notes

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  1. simonchadwick

    There are some great fiddle versions of this tune that should be added here. Including a wonderful archive recording of Donald MacDonell, recorded in Morar by Calum MacLean in 1954.

    Two settings side by side in Patrick macDonald, one for pipes, one for fiddle. A great fiddle set in the David Young / Walter MacFarlane manuscript.

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