PS 203 – Clan Ranald’s Salute

      Fàilte Chlann Raghnaill

      Fàilte Mhic ’ic Alein

      Màrsail Loch an Eala

      Till an Crodh ’Laochain

Primary Sources

O Marsail Lochinalie O11:14
Dow Pibrach Chlann Raonailt – Clan Ranald’s march to Edinr. Dow.34: 39
Failte Chlaun Raonuill / McDonald of Clan Ranalds Salute R.10: 10r
Hintro cheen chea hioem R.22: 17v
Dj Clan Ronald’s March to Edinburgh Dj.5: 6
KB Failte Chlann Raonuill, na Failte Mhic Mhic Alain / Clan-Ranalds Salute KB.40: 96
SC Till an Crodh Lichen SC.45

Notes on Gaelic Titles

Fàilte Chlann Raghnaill  Pibrach Chlann Raonailt / Clan Ranald’s march to Edinr. Dow; Failte Chlaun Raonuill / McDonald of Clan Ranalds Salute R; Failte Chlann Raonuill / Clan-Ranalds Salute KB. Clan Ranald’s Salute. This title honours the clan as a group, rather than the chief.

Fàilte Mhic ’ic Alein  Failte Mhic Mhic Alain / Clan-Ranalds Salute KB. MacDonald of Clan-Ranald’s Salute.This title honours the chief specifically, not the clan as a group.

Màrsail Loch an Eala  Marsail Lochinalie O. Lochnell’s March.

Till an Crodh ’Laochain  Till an Crodh Lichen SC. Turn the cattle, laddie. Six recordings of this traditional song are available on Tobar an Dualchais (see links below). The general sense is that if Duncan can amass wealth by lifting good cattle, he will win a beautiful bride. Dwelly defines laochan as diminutive of laoch (hero/champion) and states that ‘a boy is almost always addressed by this term’. Four sets of words were published between 1864 and 1911: D. Campbell, The language, poetry, and music of the Highland clans. Edinburgh (1862), p. 274; K. N. MacDonald, The Gesto Collection of Highland Music, Edinbane, Skye (1895), p. 113; ‘Fionn’, The martial music of the clans. Glasgow (1904), p. 144; and F. Tolmie, Untitled, known as Tolmie collection. A complete issue of Journal of the Folk-song Society, no. 16, i.e. vol. iv, part 3, London (1911) pp. 182-3.

Roderick Cannon (2009), rev. Barnaby Brown 2016

Archive Recordings

1951 Peggy MacRae: song
1953 Angus John Campbell: song
1954 James Nicolson: song
1960 Nan MacKinnon: story and song
1961 Pipe Major John D Burgess: Highland bagpipe
1970 Kate Nicolson: song
1975 Ishabel T. MacDonald: song

Other Material

2004 William Donaldson: Set Tunes Notes

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