PS 222 – Scarce of Fishing

      Cumha Fear Cheann Loch nan Eala

      Spìocaireachd Iasgaich

Primary Sources

Cumh Fir Ceanloch nan Eala / Lochnells Lament R.45: 31v
Dj O’Kelly’s Lament Dj.6: 6
K1 Spiocaireachd Iasgaich / Scarse of Fishing K1.14: 36

Notes on Gaelic Titles

Cumha Fear Cheann Loch nan Eala  Cumh Fir Ceanloch nan Eala / Lochnells Lament R. Lament for [Campbell of] Lochnell.

Spìocaireachd Iasgaich  Spiocaireachd Iasgaich / Scarse of Fishing K1. Scarce of Fishing. The ungrammatical title is firmly fixed in modern tradition. The noun spiocaireachd ‘miserliness’ is normally applied to a person but a poetic context is supplied by the associated fragment of verse in K1 Tha spiocaireachd iasgaich am bliadhn’ na Gho… 

Roderick Cannon (2009)

Archive Recordings

1953 Pipe Major Robert Urquhart Brown MBE
1961 Pipe Major John D Burgess MBE
1964 Calum Johnston
1981 George Moss

Other Material

William Donaldson’s Set Tunes Notes (2001)

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