PS 231 – The MacLeods’ Salute

      Fàilte Mhaighstir Màrtainn

      Fàilte nan Leòdach

      Port Iomramh MhicLeòid

Primary Sources

[Unnamed] E.145: 179
G Lamentation for Donald McLeod of Greshernish G.8: 20
D2 Porst Iomramh Mhic Leod / MacLeod of MacLeod’s Rowing Piobaireachd D2.29: 150
Dj Failte na Leodich Dj.32: 40
KB Failte na’n Leòdach / The MacLeod’s Salute KB.15: 39
SC Failt Mr Martin SC.15
Angus MacKay, ‘Specimens of Canntareachd’ (c. 1854), no. 15

Notes on Gaelic Titles

Fàilte Mhghr Màrtainn Failt Mr Martin SC. Mr Martin’s Salute. The title ‘Mr’, Gaelic ‘Mghr’ (for Maighstir) is often explained as implying someone who can read and write, or more specifically a priest, but it can also be read as a direct intrusion from English, as in Fàilte Lady Margaret (PS 196). Even so it still implies a person of higher status than the writer. People named Martin are on record variously as servants and as relatives of the MacLeods (I.F. Grant, The MacLeods, the History of a clan, Edinburgh [1959, reprinted 1981]).

Fàilte nan Leòdach Failte na Leodich Dj; Failte na’n Leòdach / The MacLeod’s Salute KB. The MacLeods’ Salute. Angus MacKay misplaces the apostrophe in the English, as the Gaelic implies the plural.

Port Iomramh MhicLeòid Porst Iomramh Mhic Leod / MacLeod of MacLeod’s Rowing Piobaireachd D2. MacLeod’s Rowing Tune.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

Archive Recordings

1953 Pipe Major William MacLean

Other Material

2002 William Donaldson: Set Tunes Notes

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