PS 233 – Angus MacDonald’s Attack on the MacDougalls

Primary Sources

D2 Ionnsuidh Aneas Bhig Mhic Dhomhnuill / Angus Macdonald’s attack on the Macdougalls D2.32: 168
K3 Index: Failte / Index: A Salute K3.40: 126
KK Piobaireachd KK.29: 51

Notes on Gaelic Title

Ionnsaigh Aonghais Bhige Mhic Dhòmhnaill Ionnsuidh Aneas Bhig Mhic Dhomhnuill / Angus MacDonalds attack upon the MacDougalls D2. Wee Angus MacDonald’s attack upon the MacDougalls.

Roderick Cannon, Gaelic Names of Pibrochs: A Concise Dictionary

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