PS 243 – The Earl of Seaforth’s Salute

      Càit’ an-diugh thàinig tu?

      Fàilte Uilleim Dhuibh Mhic Coinnich

Primary Sources

Dj Caid’n Dudh thanic Dhu Dj.18: 14
KB Failte Uilleam Dhuibh Mhic Coinich / The Earl of Seaforth’s Salute KB.46: 116
SC Failte Mac Kenich SC.13
Angus MacKay, ‘Specimens of Canntareachd’ (c. 1854), no. 13

Notes on Gaelic Titles

Càit’ an-diugh thàinig tu? Caid’n Dudh thanic Dhu Dj. Where did you come today? This seems obscure but it is presumably incomplete, being only one line of a song, and perhaps also subject to poetic manipulation.

Fàilte Uilleim Dhuibh Mhic Coinnich  Failte Uilleam Dhuibh Mhic Coinich / The Earl of Seaforth’s Salute KB; Failte Mac Kenich SC. Conventionally ‘The Earl of Seaforth’s Salute’. A lengthy set of words including Slàn gun till fear chinn duibh… Slàn gun till Uillichan… is printed under the music in KB, and similar texts, perhaps modelled on these, are in A. MacGregor, ‘Piobaireachd agus Cèol nan Gàidheal.’ Trans. Gaelic Soc. Inverness, II, (1872–3), p. 20, and ‘Fionn’, The martial music of the clans, Glasgow (1904), p. 24.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

Archive Recordings

1949 Neil MacLennan: Highland bagpipe
1952 Angus MacPherson: discussion with illustrations on practice chanter
1956 Neil MacLennan: Highland bagpipe
1959 Malcolm R MacPherson: Highland bagpipe
1961 Pipe Major John D Burgess: Highland bagpipe
1970 Angus Campbell, South Uist: excerpts on practice chanter

Other Material

2003 William Donaldson: Set Tunes Notes


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