PS 256 – The Munro’s Salute

      Fàilte nan Rothach

Primary Sources

KB Failte na’n Rothaich / The Munros Salute KB.34: 81
SC Failte Munroe SC.10
Angus MacKay, ‘Specimens of Canntareachd’ (c. 1854), no. 10

Notes on Gaelic Title

Fàilte nan Rothach  Failte na’n Rothaich / The Munros Salute KB; Failte Munroe SC. The Munro’s Salute. Although Angus MacKay has the plural ‘The Munros’ Salute’, the wording in SC supports the singular, ‘Munro’s Salute’. In the latter case ‘Munro’ must be read as an imported English style of the personal name.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

Archive Recordings

1966 Pipe Major/Captain John A MacLellan: Highland bagpipe

Other Material

      2015 J David Hester: Highland bagpipe

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