PS 270 – Duntroon’s Warning

      Caismeachd do Dhuntreòin

Primary Sources

John Walsh, folio 24 (from Frans Buisman’s concordance)
DOW Highland Solo – Variations composed by D. Dow  DOW.20 18
K1 Caismeachd da Dhuntroi[n] / Duntron’s Warning K1.44: 97

Notes on Gaelic Title

Caismeachd do Dhuntreòin Caismeachd da Dhuntroi[n] / Duntron’s Warning K1. A warning to Duntroon. The form with preposition do, unusual in tune names, makes clear that the warning is being issued to and not by Duntroon (the person). Even so it is possible that Angus MacKay has modified an original nominative + genitive name Caismeachd Dhuntreòin as implied by his English version.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

Other Material

William Donaldson’s Set Tunes Notes (2001)

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