PS 295 – We will take the highway

      Gabhaidh sinn an rathad mór

Primary Sources

Y3  Sherriffmuir / Index: Sherriff Muir Y3.176: 138
O6  Will you go to Sherriff Muir O6:10
K2  Gabhaidh sinne Rathad Mòr / We will take the High-Way K2.9: 19

Notes on Gaelic Title

Gabhaidh sinn an rathad mór  Gabhaidh sinne Rathad Mór / We will take the High-Way K2. We will take the highway. The opening words of a song. The tune of the song, a quickstep marching air, is called Sherriffmuir in earlier sources – see F. Buisman, ‘Transformations of piobaireachd in 18th-century Music Collections’, edited by R. D. Cannon, to be published (n.d.) – but We will take the Highway in later bagpipe publications, and most recently The High Road to Gairloch.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

Other Material

      2015 Allan MacDonald discusses ‘We will take the highway’ with Barnaby Brown

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