PS 296 – The Frisky Lover

      Suigeart Suiriche

Primary Sources

K2 Suigeart Suiriche / The Frisky Courtier K2.15: 31
KK Suigeart Suiriche / The Frisky Lover KK.6: 11
JK Sigart Screich JK.42: 110

Notes on Gaelic Title

Suigeart Suiriche Suigeart Suiriche / The Frisky Courtier K2; Suigeart Suiriche / The Frisky Lover KK; Sigart Sereich JK; Sigeart Sirich JKA. Conventionally ‘The Frisky Lover’ but actually ‘the lover’s ardour’. Some years ago a firm in England marketed as a novelty a foam bath liquid in a container made to look like a whisky bottle, labelled ‘Frisky Lovers’. Coincidence?

Roderick Cannon (2009)

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