PS 297 – The MacDuffs’ Gathering

      Ceann na Déise

      Cruinneachadh nan Duibheach

      Fir bhreacan dubha

Primary Sources

K2 Kenadias (qy) / Index: Cruinneachadh nan Duffich / MacDuff or Duffs Gathering K2.17: 34
KK Piobaireachd KK.9: 15
JK Piobaireachd[…] […] uib JK.32: 84

Notes on Gaelic Titles

Ceann na Déise  Kenadias (qy) K2. The tip of the ear of corn.

Cruinneachadh nan Duibheach  Cruinneachadh nan Duffich / MacDuff or Duffs Gathering K2 index. The MacDuffs’ Gathering.

Fir bhreacan dubha  Piob Fhir Breachdgan Duibh JKA. The men with the black plaids, or perhaps ‘Pibroch of the men with the black plaids’. There were words written in pencil above the music in JK, later erased, which seem to read Piobaireachd…  …uibh. The later writing in ink, by Charles Bannatyne, includes Fhir Breachdgan Duith and the English as quoted here. The irregular Gaelic spellings adopted by Angus MacKay in JKA and by Bannatyne, may suggest that one or both of them had seen the pencil title in JK before it was rubbed out. Colm Ó Baoill suggests that the lost name might have referred to Am Freiceadan Dubh, The Black Watch; e.g. Pìobaireachd an Fhreiceadain Duibh.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

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