PS 303 – Hindre cheemtra

Primary Sources

K2.30: 63 (neither nor have this PDF)


This resembles Leaving Kintyre (PS 68), but to my perception is a different tune for two reasons. Firstly, both belong to a group of tightly-interrelated tunes which may be viewed as a genre, possibly shaped in the remote past by the context of piping on galleys, setting the stroke for oarsmen. This genre has blurred boundaries but embraces at least the following 22 tunes: PS 56, PS 57, PS 58, PS 59PS 60, PS 61, PS 62, PS 65PS 66, PS 67PS 68PS 69PS 70, PS 93, PS 94, PS 95, PS 96, PS 138, PS 141, PS 142, PS 144, and PS 303.

Secondly, I interpret bar 1 as Hindre cheemtra, rather than Hindre hihamtra, treating che as a melody note and not as an E cadence.

Barnaby Brown, 25 June 2014

1 thought on “PS 303 – Hindre cheemtra”

  1. Here is the link to Ceolsean page:
    I had trouble finding it because I was looking for “Nameless–hindre cheemtra”, so I’m posting it here for others’ convenience. It is “Unknown” in the ms, but ceolsean lists it as “Leaving Kintyre No.1”.
    Barnaby Brown’s insightful note above makes a lot of musical sense. The “che” could possibly be confused with a cadence but it is reflected by the “ve” in bar two. It’s not so clear in the Angus MacKay’s second setting of the tune, where you find an “e” where the “f” is here. If you take the cadential “e”s out along with the “edre”s you have the suibhal.

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