PS 037 – MacLeod’s Controversy

Primary Sources

C1 Contalichs Lament C1.36: 70
KB Iomarbhadh Mhicleoid / MacLeod’s Controversy KB.36: 84

Notes on Gaelic Title

Iomarbhàigh Mhic Leòid Iomarbhadh Mhicleoid / MacLeod’s Controversy KB. Conventionally ‘MacLeod’s Controversy’. For iomarbhadh Dwelly gives a range of meanings such as ‘struggle/contention’, but he also mentions iomramh, ‘rowing’, which is really a different word though pronounced almost identically (see Port Iomramh Mhic Leòid [231]).

Roderick Cannon (2009)

Other Material

William Donaldson’s Set Tunes Notes (2002)

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