PS 048 – Lament for Robert Sinclair’s Wife

      Port a’ Mheadair

Primary Sources

C1 Robt Sinclair’s wife Lament C1.47: 96
K1 Port A Mheadair / Index: The Bicker K1.106: 243
KK Port A Mheadair / Index: The Royal Bicker KK.88: 175
KS Port a Mheadair / The Bicker or Cogue KS.8: 16

Notes on Gaelic Title

Port a’ Mheadair Port a Mheadair / The Bicker K1.24; Port A Mheadair K1.106; The Bicker K1.106 index; Port A Mheadair KK; The Royal Bicker KK index; Port a Mheadair / The Bicker or Cogue KS. The tune of the bicker or cogue (Scots words for a wooden beaker or drinking vessel). Angus MacKay gives this title to two different tunes, PS 48 and PS 81.

Roderick Cannon (2009), rev. Barnaby Brown 2016

Archive Recordings

      N.D. Cpt. John MacLellan

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